We are a security provider, based in North London and Hertfordshire ready to respond  to residential and commerical alarm activations.

All of our guards  and vehicles are GPS tracked and carry loan worker devices.

Our service could also lower your home insurance premium. 

The safety of yourself and your home is our utmost concern,  our fast response service acts as the ultimate crime deterrent.

We offer different packages for this service




Designed for residential and commerical properties this service is ideal to protect you and
your premises whilst you are home or away.

Having regular patrols discourages would be criminals

Our operatives are SIA licenced, trained in full incident reporting and evidence gathering, 

when responding we can assess the situation and decide whether you need to be notified
or not.  This means that you will not be inconvenienced by minor incidents or
false alarms unnecessarily. 

Proforce 1 Security will deal with the incident on your behalf, we will also secure the site before leaving and produce a detailed

report of all actions taken.  

We can also organise and manage a range of support services, such as glaziers and locksmiths on your behalf.

Have an urgent security need? Contact us on 020 8275 1023 - we're here to help.

If you just need advice, we'd be happy to visit you during office hours.