Security Guards London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

Proforce 1 are able to offer a highly skilled team to ensure asset protection, we can provide a mobile or static team for all your needs and requirements. We can supply our asset protection service for all aspects to ensure that companies loosing stock, theft and break ins are no longer an issue. We can provide high visability protection or low profile guards, giving you the chance to stop it once and for all.

Some of our clients include:

  • Individuals
  • Insurance companies
  • Top ten High Street names
  • Major Insolvency Practitioners
  • Lease companies seeking to repossess
  • Companies losing stock through 'shrinkage'

When Insolvency Practitioners move in, our Security Officers are there to disallow bailiffs and creditors, and to prevent internal theft (including data theft) by disgruntled former management or staff.

A company who is losing significant amounts of stock through 'shrinkage' (internal theft) will employ our Surveillance Team to collect evidence, and our Static Guards to protect the stock.

Insurance companies and individuals will instruct us to collect high-value items airside, and escort them through customs to destinations throughout the UK.

We protect Lease Company personnel as they repossess property from delinquent companies or individuals.

We also impound and guard fleet vehicles in our secure holding area until the insolvency company works out who gets what.

ProForce1 can provide a complex security solution where time is of the essence.

Have an urgent security need? Contact us on 020 8275 1023 - we're here to help.

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