Dog & Handler Security

The role of the dog section is to provide extra support to customers for safe guarding their premises.

A dog & handler is as effective as a 4+ man security team as they are a good visual deterrent with a heightened sense of hearing and smell.

Typical jobs for a dog & handler include:

  • A Visual Deterrent
  • Tracking  and Search Work
  • Patrolling of Site
  • Apprehending or Disarming Persons
  • Controlling Hostile Crowds and Situations

 Our professional, licensed, fully insured dog team is made up of experienced and  considerate handlers  who have been carefully selected and vetted.
All of our handlers are members of:

  • Nasdu  (National association of security dog users)
  • Bipdt    (British institute of professional dog trainers)
  • Ntipdu (National training inspectorate for professional dog users)

Before each assignment our Head Dog Handler will visit each site and carry out a risk assessment to make sure our clients needs and  requirements will be met to the highest standard.

Have an urgent security need? Contact us on 020 8275 1023 - we're here to help.

If you just need advice, we'd be happy to visit you during office hours.