Which type of Security Guard are you looking for ?

STATIC GUARDS tend to operate during the day. They remain in one location to maintain security over a particular area. This is often called Manned Guarding.

NIGHT-WATCHMEN are essentially Static Guards on the night shift. They maintain a live presence on your premises when it is most at risk.

Static Guard (Day Security Guard):

  • Oversees and area or an item
  • Acts as a deterrent to criminals because they are always present
  • Visible to your customers as soon as they enter your premises
  • Seen as symbols of authority in corporate, commercial and retail settings
  • As part of a Residential Security Team, they would be Gatekeepers

Night-Watchman (Night Security Guard):

  • Still very popular with our business customers
  • Will accompany and protect any other night staff
  • A live presence on site when your premises is most at risk
  • Your best insurance against a site emergency when the premises is closed
  • A known deterrent to criminals - they'd rather go to the unwatched property down the road

ProForce1 has been providing a Static Guard and Night-Watchman service to local individuals and businesses for over 15 years.

INTERESTING FACT: Watchmen have existed for thousands of years, the earliest reference being in the Bible (Ezekiel 33:1-6). They turned professional during the Roman Empire (the Praetorian Guard and the Vigiles). In England, the Ordinance of 1233 made it compulsory to appoint Night-Watchmen to protect villages. The English police force developed from the ranks of Night-Watchmen.

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