Neighbourhood security patrols - verified with MoCo Touch

Regular security patrols in your neighbourhood afford peace of mind to you and your family. 

Our Mobile Patrol Officers would be the first to spot signs of unusual activity in your area. And our high-visibility patrol vehicles are an efffective deterrent against criminal activity.

Proforce1 Security Officers:

  • Are more mobile than Static Guards 
  • Respond to any security emergency 
  • Patrol a premises/complex, or an entire geographical area 
  • Are trained and qualified to detain a suspected criminal until the police arrive 

ProForce1 uses MoCo Touch accountability tags. 

This latest web-based software proves our attendance in a specific location at a specific time. 

What this means for you:

  • Security Officer patrols can be monitored and tracked in real-time 
  • It makes us accountable for our levels of service and gives you added value 
  • You know we’re doing our job and we give you an evidence-based audit trail   
  • Incidents can be photographed and instantly viewed in our Command Centre
  • We can then decide if you need to be alerted

MoCo Touch commits us to a higher level of reliability, integrity and accountability.

Have an urgent security need? Contact us on 020 8275 1023 - we're here to help.

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