Temporary  Wireless alarms, CCTV cameras and fire systems

This is an ideal system to employe rather than security guards on building sites and void property with a monthy saving of around £4000. per month 

 Ideal for sites with Compounds and high value plant left exsposed, no need for power or generators to be left running over night.

Short term rental on equipment so you only pay for what you need untill the site is secured.  

Insurance apporoved systerms tailored to your needs. 


We can provide you with the latest wireless alarms to protect void properties, construction and house building sites. These are very easy to install, maintain, adjust and relocate when you need to. All wireless alarms and cameras can be monitored remotely at our secure location.

Our advanced surveillance systems include wireless CCTV or permanent CCTV camera with 360 degrees of vision rotation and 24 hour surveillance, which give you reassurance that your property is protected at all times. They create an effective deterrent and facilitates a rapid response to prevent loss or damage. They are also easy to install and maintain.

Videofied security cameras can be installed to protect and deter intruders. They detect and film the intruders and notify your monitoring station of the danger. Sirens and outdoor sirens with flashing lights also deter intruders by creating a shock effect and by alerting your neighbours. The powerful flashing light also makes it easy to location the source of the alarm. The alarm panel can be connected to a standard telephone line or the GPRS network and is battery powered with a 4 year operating capacity, therefore requiring to power connection. The outdoor Videofied system alerts:

  • The monitoring station by sending a video of the intrusion in real-time.
  • Our responce team are despatched and responed to the call.  
  • The owner(s) of the protected site, who are sent the video via e-mail or to their GSM phone.
  • Neighbours via the outdoor siren and flashing light.

Again, this is all BEFORE any possible break-in takes place.

You can further protect your premises by installing the Howler wireless fire system. Up to 30 Howlers can be links together through a Freelink Control Panel which can tell you:

  • exactly which Howler has been activated
  • who is running low on battery power
  • if anyone has become disconnected
  • and, of course, it has a test function to facilitate a quick weekly test procedure.

Installation of the tough and reliable Howler alarms is easy, not requiring a laptop or any special equipment, nor any special qualifications.

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