Surveillance - observing without being observed

Our surveillance teams are pulled from the ranks of our Close Protection Officers. 

They are professionally trained in gathering intelligence whilst guarding against anti-survillance.

We gather and compile information in formats that are admissible as evidence in court proceedings.

Our customers might hire us to:

  • Root out a blackmailer
  • Identify a criminal threat
  • Gather industrial intelligence
  • Install hidden cameras to prevent 'shrinkage'
  • Secure proof of a partner's extra-marital affair
  • Neutralise the unwanted attention of a stalker
  • Counter an intrusive media campaign

Our surveillance methods include:

  • Direct Surveillance
  • Static Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Any combination of the above

ProForce1 Surveillance operatives are confident, quick-thinking, and adaptable. 

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